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Robert Bakst

About Me

My name is Robert Bakst. I am a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist. For the past twenty-six years, I have served patients in Florida and NYC. I recently relocated to New York City and am now offering online therapy to clients in both Florida and New York. With over thirty years of experience providing therapy for individuals, couples, and families, I have the necessary skills to help you find the root cause of your problems, determine the best solutions to resolve your conflicts, and aid you in experiencing a healthier and happier life. Together, we can work on a mutual path to help you develop the tools to resolve your conflicts and experience greater joy in living.

My Services

I provide counseling to individuals, couples, and families.
I also provide supervision to mental health professionals.
I offer remote and virtual therapy.

Online Therapy

Telehealth services are available


We’ll come up with various strategies to increase your focus and improve your organizational skills. I am also available to do ADHD Assessments. If I determine that you have ADHD, I can refer you to a physician for a consultation for medication.

Anger Management

Let’s work together to properly identify your triggers to anger, and find effective ways to calm yourself even when you’re feeling out of control or overwhelmed.


I’ll help you learn how to deal with your critical inner voice, and together we will develop coping techniques to manage urges and cravings for your specific addiction.


I will be with you during your mourning process. I will help you develop coping skills to deal with loss and move forward in your life.


Together we’ll look at the underlying causes of your depression and the events that trigger it and find ways to improve your mood.

Emotional Abuse

I will help you recognize abusive behaviors, develop assertiveness skills, a strong sense of self, and the ability to exit unhealthy relationships.

Life Transitions

I provide counseling on how to cope with life changes, such as dealing with a divorce, job loss, a relationship breakup, or relocation. I can assist you in developing stress management skills specific to these transitions.

Low self-esteem

I will assist you in increasing your self esteem by becoming more compassionate towards yourself and actualizing your life goals.

Personality disorders

I will assist you in dealing with anxiety and abandonment issues, and to develop effective strategies to deal with your psychic pain.

Social anxiety

We will work on learning effective coping techniques for calming yourself and increasing your self confidence in social situations so that you can develop meaningful connections with others.


I provide a safe place where you can tell your story. I will assist you in coping with your trauma(s) and transitioning to a calmer, and more peaceful life.


I offer counseling on anxiety. We’ll explore events that trigger your anxiety and develop coping techniques to manage it effectively.

Why Choose Robert Bakst Therapy

I am committed to helping you resolve your issues through my knowledge and experience. I am here to help you define your goals and provide solutions so you can manage your life’s biggest challenges without them negatively affecting your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Unbiased and Non-Judgmental

I will not judge you. I will assist you in increasing your self esteem, to feel empowered to make positive changes in your life.


I will listen to you to understand your situation, thoughts, and feelings, to assist you in making positive decisions, and create more joy in your life.

Safe Environment

I have a safe, private office where you can freely share your story without feeling judged.


My number one goal is to help you lead a healthier and happier life, and I have been doing that for more than thirty years. Here are a few words from my clients.

Tyler Dilgard
Tyler Dilgard
Robert was very thorough and a great person to talk to. Fantastic counselor!
yovani lopera
yovani lopera
Excellent Profecional and very nice person.
Mariah Arnold
Mariah Arnold
It was a pleasure to be able to work with Robert Bakst. Going through a bit of a rough patch so these sessions were mandatory. Robert made me look forward to them. It gave me a chance to be able to speak my mind without being judged; he listens, and understands, while also offering practical intelligent insight. He always always asks if you have any concerns you want or need to discuss, and, here’s the real kicker, I believe he truly cares. You can also talk about the weather & the annoying new roundabouts they’re putting in everywhere & share some laughs, it’s pretty cool. I’m going back to school this fall for social work and he’s even gone as far as to offer me, multiple times, any help and advice he can in the future. You’ve made an impact sir, and I thank you for that.
Hayes Nevin
Hayes Nevin
I had the privilege of working with Dr. Bakst and I can confidently say that they are an exceptional psychologist. From the moment I stepped into their office, I felt at ease and comfortable discussing my concerns. Dr. Baskt possesses remarkable listening skills and a genuine empathy that made me feel heard and understood. Their expertise and knowledge in the field of psychology are evident through their insightful guidance and effective therapeutic techniques. Throughout our sessions, Dr. Bakst provided me with practical tools and coping strategies that helped me navigate through challenging situations. Their ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable terms made the sessions highly beneficial and enlightening.
Cole Campbell
Cole Campbell
Very easy to talk to! Didn’t only discuss my case but also talked about personal life, sports, etc. Very personable!
Steven Windsor
Steven Windsor
Working with Robert was a pleasure, I would highly recommend him.
Dago357_the 1
Dago357_the 1
Highly recommend, very flexible with my scheduling. I enjoyed our sessions.
Scott Barr
Scott Barr
Robert was very easy to talk to, and was understanding with my schedule.

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