About Me

Robert Bakst

L.C.S.W. | C.A.P. | Psychoanalyst

My name is Robert Bakst. I am a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst practicing in Sarasota, Florida, where I have resided for twenty-six years. I have provided therapy to individuals, couples, and families for more than thirty years.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Addictions Professional. I received my training in New York City at the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis. This training was invaluable in teaching me the tools and skills necessary to assist you in getting to the root causes of your problems. Together, we can work on a mutual path to help you develop the tools to resolve your conflicts and experience greater joy in living.

My Approach

Effective psychotherapy is a collaboration between therapist and patient working together to understand problems and develop a plan to resolve them.

As the therapist, it is my job to create an accepting, non-judgmental environment so that trust can be established early on in the treatment process. Therapy is tailored to meet the client’s individual needs. A treatment plan is developed that addresses specific issues and goals.

For effective treatment to occur, a therapeutic alliance must be established. The therapist and patient join together to work on the presenting problem(s). There is a commitment by both to do the work necessary to have a successful treatment outcome.

As a psychotherapist, I provide individual counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling. Psychotherapy can assist you in becoming empowered; to deal with your issues in a positive way that can enhance your self-esteem. Marriage counseling can help you develop the skills to create an intimate, supportive, loving relationship.


Here are some of the invaluable words I received from my clients.

Robert Bakst is an excellent therapist. During our sessions, I really felt how understanding and empathetic he is. I always leave his office feeling better than before.

–Mikki P.

My wife and I are very thankful to have met Robert. He is a true professional, and has played a big role in our relationship. He has this really gentle, effective approach. We highly recommend him!

–Jeffrey P.

Dr. Bakst was the first counselor I have been to, and I’m really glad to know him. He’s very approachable, calm, and positive. I really felt that he was listening and understanding what I felt. I would recommend him to anyone who needs someone to talk to about their issues.

–Chris S.

Take Small Steps Toward a Better You at Robert Bakst Therapy

As your trusted psychotherapist in Sarasota, Florida, I am committed to providing you with a safe and confidential space to share your thoughts and feelings. I believe that everyone has the ability to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life, and I hope that through therapy and counseling, my clients will be able to find their own path to happiness.

I am here, willing to listen to your problems and help you find ways to deal with them. Together, we can work towards a brighter future for you.