I am committed to understanding your situation and helping you find effective solutions to your problems. Here is a small selection of invaluable reviews from my past and current clients.


Every therapy appointment I had with Robert Bakst was a wonderful experience. He provided a nice peaceful atmosphere, where I felt safe and could discuss my interests and opinions. With his support, I was able to conquer the numerous challenges I was experiencing. I definitely suggest to anyone wanting a therapist to try calling Robert!
–Susan R.
Robert comes highly recommended. He was extremely sympathetic when I was going through a hard time in my life. My impression of Robert was that of a kind, thoughtful, and good listener. His insightful inquiries helped him immediately grasp the scenario and provide me with useful feedback and input, which I eventually effectively implemented.
–Sandy M.
Mr. Bakst is excellent. I can't do justice to the conversations we had in a short time. My life has been blessed by God's intervention in the midst of difficult times.
–William M.
Robert was referred to me so I could understand how to prevent an unfortunate situation from ever happening again. I recommend Mr. Bakst to everyone who wants to know better how to handle any problems in their lives.
–Jennifer G.
I am so glad I ended up with Robert Bakst after being referred to him. I was quite anxious about beginning therapy, but he quickly put me at ease. He is compassionate, humorous, and easy to converse with. I definitely refer him to family and friends seeking to talk to someone.
–Courtney L.
Robert was not only competent and well-organized, but also courteous and easy to communicate with. I was referred to him as an alcoholism counselor, but our conversations became so much more! As we casually explored my week, we uncovered my underlying triggers and made progress. He is also ideal for patients who look for scheduling flexibility.
–Sean B.
Robert Bakst is a qualified and professional therapist. During our sessions, I had the impression that Robert was attentive, and his input was really useful. I would feel better after our therapy sessions than I did before my appointment. I strongly endorse Robert. He is an expert in his field.
–Mikki P.
Dr. Robert Bakst was an excellent therapist. He was really approachable, and he made our meetings enjoyable. I would strongly recommend him to anyone searching for any type of therapy. He was really informed, and provided a relaxed atmosphere.
–Savannah K.
Robert is an excellent therapist. He's a top-notch expert in this field. He has a friendly demeanor and a generous heart. I was definitely at ease during our sessions. Both his sense of humor and his ethics shine through in his interactions with others.
–Dudley O.
We had an enjoyable conversation with Robert Bakst. Because of his open-mindedness, he let me work through my problem in the way that best suited me. He was really helpful in rescheduling my appointments and helping me deal with urgent matters.
–Bongo J.